30+ year old white liberals

That’s not a rock.

Anyone associated with Antifags and BLM movement.

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I think you take it for granite that we will argue over this

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The special cart guy at my supermarket saw me unload my full cart and walk it across an entire section of the lot to the corral

He told me that the only people he notices returning carts to corrals are males between the ages of 35 to 55 nothing above or below that range

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Old and fat people

Young douchebags who think it’s “someone elses job”

30 year old liberal = tell me you live at home without telling me you live at home

they are frustrated life losers. Broke dicks

Let’s stay on point about the rock. That is what is important.

Meanwhile enjoying sucking dick!!

Cotton you old bullshitter! That’s a fossilized loaf of bread!

Fight me!

So my question still remains. Regardless of the photoshop.

I’ll try to be careful…


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