300 bhp n/a jetta

The car is featured in the June 2004 issue of Performance VW magazine and the photo's I have posted don't do the car full justice. That is the PVW photographer on the ground not a dead body!!! The engine has been built by Grant Motorsport in the U.K. and is based on a 2.8 Mk4 Golf bottom end with a Championship RSi Beetle head from Germany. The head has been fully ported and flowed to the same specifications as the VW Cup race cars but with the addition of direct to head Jenvey tapered throttle bodies. The car is running a DTA management system. The engine spec also includes a lightened fly wheel, custom 6 branch manifold and custom exhaust system. The gearbox is an O2A 5 speed with 3.94 final drive and Quaife ATB diff. Brakes have been upgraded to 305mm Seat Cupra discs and Porsche Boxter 'S' calipers, still allowing fitment of 16" wheels for track use.And yes, they are original 18" Porsche Cup 2 split rims!Future planned upgrades include forged 83.5mm pistons from Grant Motorsport to take it to 3 litres and after that the possibilities for turbo charging or supercharging could be on the cards. Honestly, with 3 litres and 300+ bhp normally aspirated power I may not want to spoil that ITB raw noise with forced induction. Before you ask I will be posting dyno plots when I have finished my latest upgrades. At a recent PVW shootout the car with 18" road tyres in damp conditions still recorded 0-60 in 6.1 seconds and 0-100 in 13.8 on a rough road surface and that's with 97 octane fuel. For me dyno plots only tell half the story, it's all about how quick it is on the road for me. For a big heavy car it feels plenty quick enough and the throttle response is truly awesome. For all you dyno junkies out there do a search for Anthony Dowd's (95GLX) post on his 12v VR6 race car on ITB's and you will get some idea of what power is achievable from a 12v then consider I have 24v! I believe Anthony just ran an 11.77 second ¼ mile last week in his Mk3 Golf and that also has a standard 2.8 bottom end. The power last time I saw his progress was 223 WHP & 203 ft/Ibs.I would appreciate any comments you may have, as I know the Jetta 3/Vento is more popular in the US then here in the UK. Any questions drop me a line or if it's specific enquires or tech stuff on the engine perhaps a mail to sales@grantmotorsport.com

Jesus! How much money did he poor into that thing?

Check out www.vwvortex.com lot's of good info on Jettas and GTIs.

I have a 1.8T and am thinking about the APR chip. Takes the Jetta to roughly 220 HP and 246 lbs of torque for about $500. Other than that, I'm not going to put any money into the car.

ljm-- vwvortex huh? i think i may have been there once or twice...

apr chip is great. you should get the revo software with it-- that way you dont pay for upgrades

"At a recent PVW shootout the car with 18" road tyres in damp conditions still recorded 0-60 in 6.1 seconds and 0-100 in 13.8 on a rough road surface and that's with 97 octane fuel."

Rad, it's a slow car that requires expensive gas. Whoopee.

I think the dude fell face first to the ground when he realized that spending big money will not rid a car of the gay.

I can make 300hp from a 13b rotary for about $500

That will get him to Queer Street faster.


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But I gotta say that kinda of sucks. A lot.

I mean in terms of HP per liter that's 107hp per liter on 97, so on street gas I doubt it could handle even a 100hp per liter. You can buy plenty of performance cars with that kind of output stock Acura RSX 100hp per liter, BMW M3 104hp per liter, Honda S2000 120hp per liter, rx-8 183 hp per liter. All of these cars do this stock on pump gas and all cost less than this modded jetta. Plus he's just basing his HP on other peoples work "that guys got a 12v so imagine how much more power my 24v must have". The car makes 201 hp stock and may make close 300 now, maybe. And only for thousands upon thousands of dollars in upgrades. Wow. That's not just a qucik ride to queer street, that's a 24 hour queer street parking pass.

Yah the Jetta is for queers, mustangs and camaros for rednecks, blah, blah, blah. Somehow I manage to pull quality girls even with my gay jetta...LMFAO you guys are hillarious

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Except for Ferraris, but that is the exception.


" jesus christ.... for the last time, CARS DO NOT HELP YOU "PULL CHICKS"."

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I read it again, the car was built in the UK, so 97 octane is european octane I think that trasnlates to 91 US octane, so it's not quite as shitty as I thought.

OK, I'm still not impressed.

oh and the hp/liter argument is the lamest thing ever.

agreed, jonwell.


Jonwell is correct.

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Gee, mine only had 68hp/liter, I'm going to take my 12.30 time slips and go cry :**(

The Point About hp/liter was that 300hp out of 2.8 liter is not that impressive, hence the naming of production cars that get that much hp per liter or better. Of course you would have had to read the whole post or even the first part about that car sucking to get that....

Oh certainly, I was just pointing out that 300 n/a from 2.8l is no big feat and that MBN should go back in the corner.