300 pounder randomly pummels lady pumping gas

Getting back out on the streets is more likely.

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Can’t get video to play, I assume it’s another attack by the ever dangerous white supremacists.


Is there any other demographic just seemingly spiking in random attacks of strangers? What are we blaming this on exactly? Socioeconomics?


white supremacy and trump

Hope he gets destroyed in jail.


I know bro. White guys have been going off recently. Mass shootings too

I could link the two stories of black men slaying white toddlers that come to mind in the past year but that would just continue your pathetic false equivalency.


Except blacks got whites beat in that category as well (mass shootings). Except the national media NEVER covers them…


I know that gas station. For years I drove by it on my way to work. That gas station sits about 50 yards from the Compton City limit. Not a great area.


Math hates you. One demo is wildly violent. This happens every 5 minutes in Chicago.

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The time for reparations is NOW

Your right. Only black people get into fights. No trailor park fights ever.

Post the vids, we’ll talk crap about them too.


The way I see it, there’s categories of uploaded fight vids:

Fair fights/mutually agreed combat

Sucker punches


Unfair fights/jumpings

There is a quantifiable number of uploads in all of these categories. And a large percentage of them will have participants who’s races are clearly identifiable.

I’m just saying the totals are there, if someone really wanted to count.


This….the don’t want to admit the truth . The arguments isn’t that every race commits violent acts. It’s that there is a VAST disparity between them in numbers considered the represented populace and it’s a serious problem for everyone. Your feelings will not change the fact nor help.

A random attack on someone you don’t even know is bizarre. If you want to Rob or rape them
Then it makes more sense. But just to pummel them and then walk away…?

But yeah, not surprised that guy had a criminal record …

Blacks shoot more people
That’s just facts

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