303 wtf??

I didn't expect the game to go like that.. what happened?


No pass rush, abandonment of the running game in the beginning, bad coaching, horrible special teams, and letting Plummer try and do to much. Basically everything I outlined in my thread. Good teams get pressure on the QB without having to blitz, a smart coach will play to a teams strengths and not try and force a team to do something it has never been able to do well. We are a running team, but watching us play this year you would think all of the sudden we developed a passing game. As long as Shanahan gets away from running to set up the pass instead of passing to set up the run we will be a middle of the pack team. If two things can happen, we get a DT that can collaspe the pocket, and Shanahan will actually just pound the ball, we would win the super bowl. We have the players on offense and defense to do it. Shanahan is a big problem, as I said, it makes no sense when you have the best running game in the league to try and pass the ball as much as we do.


It's the weather. First snow, then rain, and now the sun is everyone's eyes.

If only they could schedule Denver's home games in outer space, everything would be perfect.

Anyone else feel like the vast majority of the offense stopped playing for Jake in the 4th quarter? I sure thought so. I think the team gave up on him.

Disclaimer: This is a side discussion about the game. The game was clearly over by then, so don't mistake this for me making excuses. Hell, the game was over after the first INT.

I agree Scott. On both your points. When you are a running team and you come out and let your QB throw as much as he did you need to question the coaches play calling. Granted he needed to throw more this game, but not 40 passes. In the first quarter on our first drive we were doing great, running the ball. Then we started to pass and took a stupid penelty. That was pretty much the flow of the game. Shanahan has to realize that we are a run first team, and no matter how much he has a hard on for a passing QB, if you want to win in Denver you run the ball and beat people up. Which is what we did in our Super Bowl years. Even Shannon Sharpe said Elway didn't get to throw the ball this much, why is Shanahan letting Plummer throw this much?