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This game is big because after we win we will have sole possession of the division, we will own the tie breaker, and it is all but over in the AFC West. I am venturing a guess that DJ Williams and Champ will take turns on Gates, but it isn't Gates that concerns me, it is LT. Howver I would be shocked if we lost coming off of a loss to the Raiders, I would not want to have been in Shanahans practices this week. I am predicting Denver by 10 points, its hard to pick a score though cause both these teams can put up points, but both also play good defense. If Droughns has a big day its game over. If we shut down LT like last game, its game over. oh, and we also over the years have owned Shotty! I am sure he has that in the back of his mind. Denver by 10, Droughns rushes for 125, Plummer passes for 250, Gates is held to three catches, LT rushes for 105, Brees passes for 185, and Denver wins by 10. You heard it here first.


lol and then you woke up

It's gonna be a close game.. LT will be the distraction.. Denver having the don the middle running game may be at a disadvantage due to the rainy weather conditions predicted for tommorow...Brees to Gates, Mcardel, and LT are going to finish this off his game tommorow

final score Chargers 32 Denver 29

I get the feeling that Denver is going to be stomped down tomorrow.

They were exposed versus Oakland in that they really aren't that good of a team. They have some names on the roster, sure...but I knew that the competition would eventually catch up to them.

You guys have got me sucked into this game. I hope Denver wins because SD is looking a bit too dangerous right now.

Chargers 20

Broncos 17

"I would not want to have been in Shanahans practices this week."

Judging by the six times you used "we", an outside observer would think you were on the team, and in fact attended Shanahan's practices this week.

How were they? Are you sore still?

Cousin Eddie, thats funny. Sorry that I am a dedicated fan, I was raised on the Broncos and am just a big fan. People have been making fun of all the people on here that talk about their teams like that. Don't you people have anything better to do?


First off, I was mostly kidding.

Secondly, no, I don't have anything better to do at the moment.


Damn I called that score right on the money.LOL @ Plummer.

That game was total bullshit. The sun was in Denver's eyes.*

  • stolen from somebody on another thread.

That whole game was fucking bullshit. Bothi teams played like total shit. yea Drew Brees had a great game. Threw for 100 yards and change, plus a pick. Florence, the corner the commentators were all up on to start the game got completly bitched by Leile. There were only around 7 turnovers in the game. Denver played like shit in the first half and someone should have told San Diego the second half started cause they looked like shit. Gates disapeared, McCardell I thought was due for huge game cause Kelly Herndon sucks, but we didn't hear much from him at all. In fact I think the Chargers only had something like 250 yards of total offense. It was just a pathetic game all around. I guess sea monkey didn't watch the game, it was a fucking monsoon in San Diego. We didn't show up in the first half, then the Chargers didn't come out in the second half. This game shows the weaknesses of both teams, without Trevor Pryce we are in trouble, and San Diego still needs another receiver that can stretch the field. Gates is a very good TE but really didn't do much at all today. Both teams played like total shit today with San Diego getting more lucky breaks than Denver. Thats the story of the game. As I said in my other thread, I'll man up for the stupid screen name bet, that I could seriously care less about, but with the way both teams played today I would not, and could not have changed Cartels name. My other thread clearly states that Denver did not deserve to win this game no matter the outcome, honestly San Diego did not deserve to win either. Both teams played fucking terrible. Raiders lost again though. Thats just to bad. I think people need to remember this division is far from settled. With Denver and the Chargers having to play KC again, SD having to go TO INDY, Indy having to come to Denver with Trevor being back and fresh, this division is far from settled. Denver will hopefully wind up 11-5, with San Diego going 12-4. We will see you in the first round.


Gates played horrible. He looked like shit today, but do did every other player on the field, Denver included. This is my whole reasoning on calling off the enitre stupid bet. I cannot even begin to contemplate how Cartel will make me switch my screen name when ALL SAN DIEGO COULD MUSTER WAS 238 total yards, I haven't checked the game stats yet, but that is what I heard on the radio. Plummer had more passing yards I believe than the Chargers had total. Say what you want, but with the way Denver played had we had won there is no way I could decently ever have changed SD Cartels name had Denver had won.


Jake Plummer is a victim of extenuating circumstance. Each and everyone of those four interceptions were deflected, or dropped that ended up in the hands of a Charger defender making a great play. Including the four today, that makes 9 INTs that Plummer has thrown this year that weren't directly his fault, but really great plays by the opposing defense. Jake and the Broncos continually get fucked in the ass by lady luck.

The plight of being a Bronco fan the past six years is that the breaks never come our way. The hot start inevitably leads to a colossal collapse. All in all our beloved Donkey's are probably through this year. All that can happen now is a pleasent surprise.

LOL, I always knew Area Code was an idiot, but I never would have guessed he was a welcher.


The above post from Sea Monkey is my exact point on my other thread. Another honest football thread trolled by someone who does nothing but hand out personaly attacks.

Smoker, not really, Baltimore lost today putting them at 7-5 as well, they still have to play Pit, and Indy. The Charger have to go to Indy and still play KC. This is far from over, there is a decent chance we can still win the division. If not we would most likely play SD in the first round and I would guarantee a victory in that game. We figured out Gates, Pryce would be back, and the emaculate interceptions wound't happen again.


Tapped Out has a point. The Broncos from 97-99 were as close to a dynasty as you can come, and IMO will be the last team to win back to back Super Bowls with the only threat to that feet coming this year with NE. If NE doesn't do it this year I do not believe that another team will ever be able to win back to back Super Bowls.

I have a theory and prediction about the Broncos, first off I think when trevor comes back teams will have to be scared of us as we will go back to being able to get pressure on te QB without blitzing. My theory is we are very close to having a Super Bowl team, we need two things. A big DT that can both get a pass rush and plug up the middle, just a 335lb monster that can collaspe the pocket and take up two blockers, we just do not have that without Luther Ellis in the line up this year, and even he is a little old. I am hoping we draft a DT in the first round to go with Trevor, at that point, watch out. The other thing we lack is a decent punter. Micah Knorr is pathetic. PATHETIC. Even at kickoffs he is pathetic. Get a punter in here that can flip the field for us and we would have won today and last week, the field position we give teams is a fucking tragedy. Upon getting those two things I feel we will return to dominance.


Hey Todd Atkins, I was just pointing out that it looks like you're trying to back out of an honest wager you just lost.

Oh and what do you mean your "other" thread, jackass? You post "War and Peace" on here every time the Broncos lose.

SD Cartel, if you haven't decided on a name for Area Code here yet, might I suggest "Donnie@StopPrisonRape.com"

lol @ sea monkey.. you guys are great

"I don't want to hear about "bad breaks" unless you are complaining about not being able to stop your Volvo while you're driving down a hill."

Come on bro, like I would be caught dead drivin a Volvo. Shit I get enough bad breaks with my 77 Scout :(.