303's picks, post yours here!

Falcons over Eagels, 21-10, the weather will slow down Phillys offense and their run defense is not going to be able to contain Vick and Co.

Pats over Steelers 17-7. This will be the most physical game of the year. The Pats just simply win. That is what that team does, they find a way to win the big game. Big Ben will have a tough time with the Pats D and Corey Dillion will be able to run against the Steelers D, which will be the biggest surprise of this game. NE's D will contain the Bus and Duce, and the Pats will roll.


I pick the Broncos to have another bad season in 2005

shadetree is correct

I will take the Eagles 17-10
and the Pats 17-14

I picked a Patriots vs. Falcons Super Bowl a month ago and I'm definitely not backing out of that now.

Falcons 20, Eagles 14

Patriots 17, Steelers 10

Eagles 24 Falcons 17
Pats 14 Steelers 10

Falcons 21-17

Pats 17-9

Damn - UrBlood almost nailed it exactly with the Eagles/Falcons.

well, 10-6 isn't that bad, with that record we would have been the third seed in the NFC. Its just to bad that the AFC is so stacked that two 12-4 teams had to play on wild card sunday.