315 lb bench now, then what?

After all these years I can finally bench 315 lbs. I would love to be at 405 by the end of August can it be done naturally and if so how? any opinions?

There was a pic of CanWrestler on here a while back putting up 405 Lbs so of course it can be done.

That said, if your current 1RM is 305Lbs, don't expect to add 90 Lbs to it in just 3 mos unless you are a genetically-gifted freak. My weight training cycles run for 6-7 weeks and I typically shoot for an additional 5-10 Lbs each cycle when I work with 1RM weight. That's just me.

TTT for more opinions.

what training methods do you currently use?

Yeah, 90lbs in 3 months? Only if you have a source for d-bol....

"315 lb bench now, then what?"

Bash the bishop?

I just bench 2x per week, one heavy day one light day(usually with dumbells). But Test Cip. would be the enhancer of choice, but I don't go that route anymore. Too many years of bad form squat and deadlifts with juice power have the hips shot(they crack and hurt after every squat or deadlift session)

My opinion - no, unless your a freak, as stated already. That's adding 30% to your bench that took you how long to build?

maybe if you got some chains and bands going and all you did was workout it might be possible...

I am 6'1 315 lbs
It took me so long to get there because I never put a dedicated effort into it, I was one of those guys that laughed at people that all they did was bench and curls, but now that squats and deadlifts aren't working to well all I do is upper body work(I was one of those guys that judged people if they didn't go all the way down on squats) I was only able to bench 225 like 8 weeks ago now I can do 275x8 and 315x2

Well that is a BIG jump in your BP for 8 weeks but you were probably better for more weight anyway.

3 months I'd say near impossible unless that 315lbs you had alot more.  But good luck training :D


FYI the 405 pic is of my training parter and forum member Jeremy Hamilton NOT of myself. I weigh 125Lbs so 405 if a bit of a stretch for me. ;) Heres the pic again if u need some inspiration. http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0PwAPAx4Sqyss3KuCKagS!suLpere7yhoDpsCTOcWu*rC0p*Yf6tATxrcapzLraxOFgjb0cOjiu46alJxSDO4qFYCqXQLmxAN/405.jpg?dc=4675465426185596426

i took my bench from 320 to 405 in just over four months of eating and sleeping. I just did lots of
singles and doubles. I also did speed bench once a week @ 50-60% of my max for 8 doubles and 45 second

Here's a website I like regarding bench training and technique:


If you're interested, check out some of DB Hammer's stuff. 


His article "Got Bench?" states that, given that you follow his routine correctly (outlined in the article), you should be able to add ~60 lbs. to your bench 1RM is ~60 days. 

(Click on "Knowledge"->"Articles"->"Articles"->"Dietrich Buchenholz"->"Got Bench?")

There is another article there title "The Challenge" in which Todd Hamer, a collegiate S&C coach and experienced Westside Barbell lifter, increased his bench 1RM by 30 lbs. after (I think) 4 workouts - about 3 weeks.

(Click on "Knowledge"->"Articles"->"Articles"->"Inno-Sport Exclusives"->"The Challenge?")

Most all of it (DB Hammer's stuff) is over my head (I'm understanding more and more of it, but it's taking a lot of reading), but it's definately interesting stuff.  Just thought I'd put it out there...


After years of work I finally got up to 300 and then thought, who the hell cares? Then I quit.

Yeah Wiggy, those articles are complicated. I don't even know what PIM and IPM bench presses are, or "oscillatory isometrics."

Next goal: Curl 315 lbs.

Start training westside style, check out metal militia and have lots of patience. The strength gains will come but don't rush it and use bad form.