32,000 Streams!

I’ve actually, just recently, started adding in some beats. I’ve finished 4 more relaxation songs, I put beats in 2 of them. Hopefully I can get 4-5 more finished and have it out by January.

I took some time away from making tracks, took a big dip in viewership, but I’m back at it.

I finally broke down and listened to that guy. Man, what a voice he’s got.

That whole line about fudge rounds made me laugh out loud.

And I appreciate it!

OP, you’re kicking ass dude, so nice to see all these posts with good things.

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keep making music, OP and have fun with it without being overly concerned with views/streams, etc.

views are just gravy

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Thanks bud.

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Yea… started this back in February. No idea why I thought I could make money with it. Times have changed in the music world.

I don’t keep to close of an eye on views anymore. Just check it out periodically. That number just kind of blew my mind. It makes me happy that people seem to enjoy what I create.

Nice. You should look into doing scores for movies/shows.

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You could look into subreddits with similar music styles. Whatever the genre is considered I guarantee there’s a subreddit out there for it. This could put you directly in front of a larger audience than the og immediately.

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I’ve been trying to get there. Signed up with a great A&R company and became a BMI member.

I’ve probably submitted 60 cues. After that it’s basically a waiting game, and can be a very long one at that.

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But then I have to deal with even more idiots.


That would probably be a great way to get fresh legs under these older tracks. Good advice, Thanks. I’ll take it

What about Fiverr or something like that? Maybe a long shot but it cant hurt to “be out there” i know nothing about it, just throwing it out there.

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I’m on Fiverr.

Only had a couple of contacts, but I have made more money there than streams.

I got hooked up with a band “A Fitting End” through that site. They commissioned me for 5 tracks so far. Good guys, if you’re into heavy metal you may be into it.

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