$34 to fill up my work truck

$65 to fill the Bentley and $80 to fill the Maybach. I think the Bentley had about a quarter of a tank (not sure because the gauge is broken). Last year I never paid over $50 to fill either of them.

My old 4x4 Tacoma averaged about 15.5mpg, and usually took 15-16 gallons to fill up.

My current 4x4 5.0 F150 usually takes about 30 gallons to fill up, but it averages nearly 17mpg.

I paid $2.43/gallon in the Houston area, a few days ago.

Vote for decency and new more wasteful energy!

This. Its going up here weekly it seems too, crazy!

I wonder how high gas prices will go under this admin.

The price increases have nothing to do with Biden. They just happened to rise the day he got into office and every day since.


Gas here is 1.30 a litre…so about 5.20 a gallon.

Is this the same reason my electric bill has been high as hell? Shit seems out of hand.

$140 for my f150. Almost $5 gallon here in communist Canada

So you sit on your ass all day and babysit an underwater oil well and that somehow allows you insight to the world’s economical structure as it pertains to gas prices?


How about you go back to your card game and let the big boys discuss.