360 games for christmas

Are there any decent 360 games being released for christmas?
I was hoping for something decent to play over the holidays


about a dozen.


about a dozen.

Mass Effect



Halo 3

VF 5

Assassins Creed

For starters.

And maybe PGR 4 if you like racers.

Mass Effect is a good one

Mass Effect and Bioshock are worth buying. COD4 is awesome for on line play and the single player on the Veteran or Hardened levels is ridiculously hard.

I got Bioshock when it came out and i am going to get COD4.

I wanted to get Blacksite after playing the demo but ive been put off by the reveiws.

What does Mass Effect entail? Ive never bovered with any RPGs before

Mass Effect was a huge letdown.

Play the Blacksite Demo, its fun as shit.

blacksite is pretty good, but not memorable. not worth 60 bucks.

You need COD4 if you dont have it already.

I think the blacksite demo is cool as fuck but all the online reveiws say that its shit

don't forget College Hoops amd Rock Band

March = Rainbow Six San Fransisco

Shit is that true Judo Woman???

Fuckin awesome.

i havent heard that.

everything i've read says that it will still be in vegas.

Yeah I heard R6 Vegas 2 as a working title too.

Either way it'll be off the hook.

Best shooter on the 360 imo.

COD4 without a doubt, Bioshock too.