360 games getting cheaper

Went to GameStop yesterday, some of the 360 games are getting pretty cheap, and the used ones are even cheaper.

Most of the cheaper games suck, but that's beside the point. Some of these games haven't been out for 3 months and they're already reduced, so I'll probably wait 3 months before buying any new releases.

Viva Pinata - $29.99 new

Earth Defense Force 2017 - $39.99 new

Bomberman: Act Zero - $29.99 new, $19.99 used

Blitz: The League - $19.99 new

"Bomberman: Act Zero - $29.99 new, $19.99 used"

Read IGN's review on this game. I don't think they could have created a worse game.

Read my review of the cheap games. Although most of them are bad, it shows that it's possible to get a brand new 360 game for $19.99.

In a few months they might have the Oblivion Game of the Year Edition for $19.99, who knows? (probably at least another year before that happens though)

And I forgot: Quake 4 - $29.99 new

Prey - $29.99 new

Both of those could have been better, but they were very popular games and now you can get them for half the original price.

And yes, I know Bomberman Act Zero is the worst Bomberman game ever made. That's why I didn't get it when it came out...but I got it yesterday used for $19.99 to add to my Bomberman collection. Next up, the Sega Saturn Bomberman Multitap.

Blitz was decent on ps2...but the load times were enough to make your eyes bleed..

I thought Quake 4 was pretty good. Prey was great for the first 5 hours or so, then got lame real fast

Blitz was ok, i rented it and wasn't impressed really, but its worth $20.

I wouldn't play Bomberman for any amount of money

Earth Defense Force 2017 was released as a $40 game, if I'm remembering right, but its well worth the money. Lots of fun, and like 150 weapons to unlock. Just don't bother with any of the vehicles

I'm having a Bomberman tournament next week, $100 if you show up and $500 if you win

You'll play.

no i won't. i'm going to the airshow next week anyway

I'll pay you to eat a jalapeƱo bomber from Church's Chicken