360 old harddrive into slim?

Anyone done this? Lots of youtube tutorials. I tried but my slim just doesnt seem to recognize it or its dead. I took the hard drive from my old red ring 360 and put it in the side slot on the slim 360 for those wondering what im talking about lol. It should work but it doesnt. Phone Post

I never put old shit on new shit... Especially when the old device came from a faulty one Phone Post

I did it.. works just fine.

Your drive might be dead.. or you're not connecting properly... alhtough its pretty easy.

You cn use a transfer cable, no? Cheap on amazon. Phone Post

Just buy the transfer thing, I used it, quick and easy Phone Post

YVEL MACHIDA - Just buy the transfer thing, I used it, quick and easy Phone Post

Same. 20 bucks is well worth it. You can probably find it cheaper online if you're willing to wait. Phone Post

I have a transfer kit however it reads as a usb device with that so by implanting it as a hard drive I can use my fallout 3dlc extras where as they wont read on a usb save. Ill try again im guessing maybe the hard drive needs formatting again or something. Phone Post

I bought transfer cable tried it out but when it came to license transfer I couldn't remember what email address or password I used when setting up my XBL account in 2006 so can't use anything game saves everything I've bought all lost had to make new profile rang XB so called customer support they were no help what so ever Phone Post

keep your email accounts for password/sn in a file that way you can just go back to it imo