360 to get more Japanese support


"Mark our words here: Other publishers, other big-name Japanese publishers aside from Capcom (how we love thee, Capcom), will begin putting their once Sony exclusives on Xbox 360. And, in some cases, they'll put them on Xbox 360 first. Don't believe us? Watch for Namco and Konami in 2007. We're still not certain whether Metal Gear Solid 4 will hit Xbox 360, but if numbers (of units sold) do the talking, count on its arrival to Xbox 360 sometime after the PS3 version. What about Namco? We're sworn to secrecy, but the tide is changing here too. Prepare for some real Namco hardcore gaming love in 2007. Overall, Sony has reacted with alarm, anger, confusion, and is now realizing it must deal with this new situation: It isn't the console leader anymore."

Good news , thanks Orcus! Could it be Tekken or Soul calibur ? (close eye and pray for SC)

Sony is in a bad situation this gen , It seem its costing too much to develop for the PS3 and Compagny are searching ways to cut cost by porting games. Maybe with this dose of Humility will they stop the lying when they will be ready to release the PS4.

I hope my post make sense , am really hung over.

Soul Calibur wouldn't be surprising, since it was cross-platform last gen. Unless they mean it will be on 360 first, or even exclusive. I'm guessing they're talking about Tekken.