360 wireless?

so i got an xbox 360, but havent had a chance to hook it up online yet... i've got a wireless network at the house, and my router is upstairs, 360 downstairs...

does anyone know of a wireless adapter (preferably g, but i can switch back my network to b) other than the official xbox one?

no one? so how does everyone have their 360 setup to get online?

I'm looking for some options myself. Linksys makes b adapters. WGA11B.

The original xbox adapter (mn-740) supposedly works with the 360 as well. But these aren't any less expensive.

I got the official 360 adapter and a router for Xmas. I know that the 360 adapter clicks right to the back of the machine so there is no prob. I didn't try with anything else. As far as it working? It works great and I had no prob setting it up but I do know some people have had trouble.

I just got a xbox 360 yesterday and I am in the exact situation as you. What I am going to do is get a wireless bridge and jook it up that way. It is basically a thing you get that has ethernet ports on the back to hook up to it...

Cheaper than the $99 option...

thats exactly what i was looking for yarzy....

i checked microcenter yesterday for a wireless gaming adapter, and the tard in the store:

"Yea, I've seen those before"
"Um, have you seen them in the store?"

let me know if you have any luck.. i cant run a 25ft rj45

Well, now I have another idea...cheaper idea...

Have you ever heard of flashing with DD-WRT? It is a linksys router that is flashed and then it can become a bridge.

I already have one, so I am going to try it tonight.

I use my 5 year old D-Link wireless bridge (g).

Just did it with the DD-WRT, it works like a CHARM!