37 what do you think?

iam 37 and im thinking about siging up for judo at cahill,s in san bruno calif ,,what do you think ? too old?

Cahill isn't too old at all. He's great. Go for it.



You talk pretty tough for a guy who doesn't have health insurance. LOL

37 is fine. Just go at a 37 year old's pace Take the breakfall stuff seriously, and slowly.

not him bro... ME.... is my ass to old to get on a judo mat

Cahill's is an awesome place, youll love it there.

Just having a bit of fun with you jilamas. Cahill is a living legend in the sport. You should go just to meet him. Take it easy and you should be fine.

Never too old! Go do it, Just be honest with yourself as you go. Do what you can and do do what you can't.


I am no longer the weirdest guy on this board. I'm assuming that my self-esteem will now just naturally drift back.....right?

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I started at 35. It is ruff but as long as you go at your pace you will be fine. I was lucky there are enough beginners at my dojo my age. I have to admit it Judo looks so much easier watching a class then on the mat.

I've been with Cahill's for over 20 years. If you're healthy, 37 is not too old. (I'm gonna be 42 in March).

Judo is on Tues and Wed evenings at 7:30. Come on in and watch a class. If you find it a bit intimidating or you have zero experience, sometimes he will reccomend that you start out in the traditional Jujitsu class which is very slow paced and technique oriented. You'll learn proper form for your throws. Then after a few months, you can transition into the Judo class.



Hey Mike,

How's it going man? I'll be 42 in May. Still struggling with the back problem though. Haven't hit the right therapy......yet.


Hey Ashy, what's up with the back? I've had my share of problems.

One thing that worked for me was stretching (and massaging) the Iliopsoas muscle(s). Those tend to get over developed relative to the abs in Judo, especially in guys like you and me who do a lot of ne waza.

I had a masseus tell me that one day. She proceeded to massage the darn things (it hurt like hell) and then showed me a stretch.

If you do a search, you can find an explaination on the Internet easier than I can explain it to you.

Also, stretching the hamstrings is very important. If they are too tight, then the lower back will suffer.


"Hey Ashy, what's up with the back?"

For the life of me Ben, 'we' don't know. 1 1/2 years later, multiple chiropractors and doctors visits have not made, even a slight difference. No worse...no better.

You are absolutely right about the hamstrings though. I have been stretching (PNF too), inverted hanging (or the reverse Saddam, as I like to call it) heat, cold, Ibubrofen etc. NO CHANGE WHATSOEVER! NONE!

I can only do newaza, and very sparingly.

I am stressed about it now. Starting a new career next week, and I am alittle worried. I really hoped to go to brazil this year for the World Masters. And try to fight in the Bjj Mundials Masters as well, but that all seems very unlikely.

But honestly, it is the constant nagging pain that can really erode one's spirit. I is not quite debilitating, but very limiting.

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"Iliopsoas muscle(s)"

Haven't heard that one. I do get very tense muscles in that area, and associated pain, after any activity. Thanks. I am going to look in that direction. Can't hurt. Pun intended.

The psoas muscle is a very tasty part of the alfalfa chewing bovine. If I'm ever reduced to cannibalism, I think I'll start with the psoas.

Good luck with the back problem Ashy. Back pain sucks.

"If I'm ever reduced to cannibalism, I think I'd....."

"Yeah, me too" he adds casually.

I actually ordered a well-done beef psoas muscle, sauteed with onions and mushrooms (at a well-known local restaurant) the other day. The waitress just looked at me like I was an incoherent asylum escapee, when, in fact, she was probably thinking:
"He IS awfully good-looking and intelligent, and he appears to be a martial arts master of some sort, given the fact that he is wearing a gi in public."

I'm a local player. The place where I practiced always had a few guys that were just getting into it in their late 30's or 40's. Did they randori every single match? Not always but everyone there was cool and supportive. Go have fun, stretch, learn and throw some young guy on his head. You'll feel better.

I think that three years from now, you will be 40, whether you take judo or not. Would you rather be a 40-year-old who doesn't know judo, or a 40-year-old with three years under his belt and more ahead of him?

thanks for the advise ...i think that settles it im gonna start ,,,watch some randori the other day ...damm is all i have to say ...never realized how tough some of these judo players are and i guess your right id rather be 40 and have some judo under my belt... then 40 with none