3d and just comp art in general

Did you guys find any problems learning to draw with a mouse or just on the computer vs pen/pencil-paper?

I wanted to mess around with some 3d stuff a while back but i'm finding i draw like a 2 year old on the computer.I just find it hard to get the right movement with my whole hand it, feels so odd.

In my head it seems like it should actually be easier but i find it so strange.

Draw on paper and scan it in. Then you can trace it over in Illustrator or something like that. You might also want to look into a graphics tablet although they take getting used to as well.

I tried that before but wasn't too happy with the results.Really i s'pose the answer is just like anything : practice practice practice.

I just had wondered if many others experienced anything similar

Depends on what you are doing...

If I am drawing a character, I will draw and scan it in.

If I am working in 3D, it's not like "drawing" exactly. It's hard to explain unless you are familiar with the interface and tools, but it's more like sculpting.

For Photoshop, you can use a Wacom tablet or a mouse. I know that the best guys in p-shop all use Wacom tabs.

Yeah see in my head it seems that "sculpting" in 3d would be something that would be easier to do.Not "easy" but something someone visually oriented would get a good grasp on.It seems more like something i want to play with.

What programs do you recommend for a beginner at it, but someone who understands drawing and has a creative mind?

I used to have Maya ( i think i had maya, i might be mistaken on this one though ) and 3d Studio Max on my comp but never used them, would one or both of those be ideal to get one's feet wet with and experiment with?

Thanks for the tip i'll hafta check it out this weekend!