$3Mil for stories? Pffft!

Ok, so something exciting finally happened in my good ol' state. The miners got rescued from the Beaconsfield mine, yay and everything, but they're offering them both $3mil each for their stories. Does anyone else find that fucking ridiculous?

So you were stuck in a cave for 2 weeks. That's amazing. I got locked in a cupboard with a fat chick once, where's my $3mil?

Tassie i am sure picture or people mag will give you $50 if you tell them the story

One question at the risk of being synical..... what does it take to be
considered a "hero"?

I mean I think they endured hell.... I can't imagine being in such a small
space for so long.... but is heroism not basically taking the very hard
option with potential risk to yourself for the good of other(s). Did these
guys have a choice?

Also, love the bible bashers crediting God for saving them....... did god
not like the other guy that died?

one part of the story i want to know, where did they piss and shit??

On the hero question, i think they come in different forms. i think a hero can, on occassions, be interchanged with the term role model. You can be a "hero" to someone without necessarily having to have made that difficult choice we normally associate with the word.

just my 2 cents.

I guess one of them is a "hero" in the traditional sense of the word, because when all the shit fell on one of them, he was vomiting blood and stuff, and the other dude moved all the rocks of the dude's chest and helped him in to the cage.

Thanks tassie, guess that could be considered heroic, although again....
really can't see the downside to him trying to help. IE the fire fighters that
run into burning buildings.... they more than likely will get hurt but they
do it anyway (even when it is beyond reasonable expectation of their

Not sure about the role model thing either..... I mean, they were doing
their job, mine caved in..... they did what they had to in order to survive.
Don't know much about their real life to know if they were role models.

These guys were lost at sea for 22 days, SMS'ed for help themselves when back in range and were rescued by helicopter on the day after "The Footy Show Miracle" (I mean the Beaconsfield rescue) and it hardly made TV/Newspapers...


I just hope that some money goes to the family of the miner that lost his life there. And if anyone is a hero is those rescue workers, who worked day and nite no matter what the risk was and dnt even get to be on tv.

I doubt they`ll personally see all the cash....The majority will go into a fighting fund for the town...seeing as their primary source of revenue is now closed. Thats why there is so much interest in the story...the whole town is involved, not just 2 blokes.

plus, Dicky Carlton died bringing us the inside story.

I'm not blaming the miners. Muchos respect to the miners for putting up with being in a dark-arse hole for two weeks and not going insane. I just think giving them $3mil for their stories is a tad too much.

What is it going to be? I'll write it up for you now for free!

"Well, it was really dark. And I was in this cage. We listened to the Foo Fighters on some iPods. I had to keep turning around so Todd could do a shit. Masturbated. 400 times."