3rd period meltdowns - Sens

1 goal, 2 goal, 3 goal leads going into the 3rd and blew them all. 2/6 points fack sakes.

That being said the pens looked like shit but when they get on they get on, dynasty in the making if they can keep the team put.

yeah, that teams sucks some major ass. that there is no disputing.

We'll see this weekend psycho.

5-1, i was starting to think we were going to have a fibonacci type deal.

2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1, .....

But nope not this time, so according to WC17 Dean McAmmond is the greatest young player now?

I dont think the Leafs played last night, you must be thinking of some other team. I look forward to the Leafs kicking your ass on Saturday when we do play though.