3rd world vermin eaters make hawaii suck: SEATTLE

 you know, hawaii would be a WAY better place if not for that element.  screw the whole "but who would do the menial job" BOOSHEET.  it's not until i go to someplace cleaner that it really drills the point home.  take pikes place market in seattle--the lowest form of life working the boofs and stuff are lower asian.  no, i can't understand some of the shit they say, but at least i'm not worrying about getting fish stabbed, run over, robbed, or just plained stained by those vermin eaters.

here's a pic from today. notice the lack of the beetlenut element. so refreshing. like it or not,  it just feels so much cleaner.  racialist? (by the faggot standards we call politically correct, probably) but teh troof cannot be denied.


notice how i'm not worried about getting "fishing" knifed in this pic.


ps. everytime i see the reservation casinos and stuff, i think that the hawaiians need to get that shit going asap. good grief at the resistance against it.

What are you up to in Seattle?

was just passing through on the way to ucluelet, bc for some fishing. in victoria right now. goddang love this place.

hey you trynna copy me and my goatee?

Wait, I thought you were against Hawaii casinos?

Seattle has a lot of hippie and metrosexual vermin...granted they won't give you an infection with their fishing knife.

 is this about the


 It's already too rainy and overcast for ^^^, they prefer to be the ruin of wherever they migrate...

I used to live in Seattle..and Pike's Market was okay, but its also kind of a shithole. Used to be drunk homeless eskimos always hanging around and/or begging just outside the market.

I honestly don't see people's attraction to Pike's Place. I went there last year for the first time after hearing talk about "you need to see this place". I must say it was quite disappointing. It's old, run down, smelly, and hordes of homeless around. I know it was downtown but I was expecting more.

I did enjoy going down to the pier area, eating some Ivar's clam chowder and fish and chip and feeding the seagulls(those suckers will fly right up to you and snatch food right out of your hand).

Had a good time up there. Next time need to venture out of the city and head up to Vancouver and explore the great Pacific Northwest even more.

whether you like pikes market or not, the demographic cuts it a hella higher than the 3rd world shit we have oozing in waiks or most places in hnl.

if only we could segregate those rock worshipers back into the fields.

Interesting. Everyone else used the fields as a stepping stone, why the fuck aren't they in the fields too? Why directly to welfare, government housing, and knifings?

Yeah, Pike's kind of a dump. I'll be there in early July to visit my wife's family. I like Seattle, actually outside of Seattle.

lol if pikes is a dump and hawaii's spots are more dumpy than pikes = holy shit