4 BWE for deck of cards?

i assume most of you are familiar with the use of a deck of playing cards in an exercise routine. if you were to chose 4 bodyweight exercises for the suits of a deck of cards, which would they be?

Squat, Pushup variations, pullups,abs

Pushups, Pullups, Burpees, Lunges

Dips, Pull ups, handstand pushups, squats.

Bootstrappers, DiveBombers, Chins/Pullups, Wind Sprints

Burpees, reverse squats, Divebombers, Chin-ups. I'd stick in sprints too for the jokers.

Sprints for the Jokers? Sheesh, it sounds like you've been to a few of my classes. ;)


what chemicalsage said, plus sprints for jokers sound like a good solid workout.

Are you supposed to go through the whole deck with no rest?

cool idea.

Are you supposed to go through the whole deck with no rest?If possible...yes. ;)SCRAP

How many reps do face cards count for? :)

i've always done 10 for face cards, but if you're more badass than i feel free to bump that up to whatever you like.

how long do you run with a joker?

pustak - thanks for reminding me of card deck routine. Yesterday I went with divebomber, row, KB snatch and bleacher squat. I kept getting face cards on snatches and my heart rate shot through the roof. Didn't make it through the deck. Really throws your body off from usual rep routine.