4-inch Smartphone Screens

What do you guys think of 4-inch Smartphone screens?

Most phones labelled "mini" are 4.3 inch now. There are some value phones out there that have 4 inch screens. Why do you think Apple went with a 4-inch screen?

4.5 should be the smallest. Phone Post

Rtchamp15 - 

4.5 should be the smallest. Phone Post

That's what she said.


IMHO watching movies, reading comics and books, and playing games should be done on a tablet and not on a giant cellphone. Phone Post 3.0

4" phones are not considered mini. Until the galaxy note came out 4" was huge. Phone Post

I got a Note 2 and I could still go bigger. Phone Post

Note 3 is my max size.

My last few cell phones went from a 3.5 inch screen on an old iPhone, to a 4.3 inch screen on an android phone, to my current 4.7 inch screen. With each new phone I felt like I couldn't go back in screen size. I'm very happy with my current phone and feel no reason to get a new one right now, but when I do I know it'll have the same size screen (4.7") or larger.

When I use an old iPhone or even an iPhone 5, I feel like the screen is "mini", so I can understand using the term

I dusted off my old iPhone after a few months of using an HTC One. It feels so small now! Phone Post

iPhone 5s and iPad with retina combo. No can defend. Phone Post 3.0

Galaxy S III mini = Screen Size 4 inch

Motorola DROID Mini = 4.3 inch screen

The HTC One Mini = 4.3 inch screen

Ya..so I was off by an inch. 5 has become pretty standard and 4 and below are mini Phone Post

I am going with the 5.7 inch Note 3, EXCITED!