4 minutes till Bezos goes. Live feed


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High tech shit

I can’t believe that worked.

The virtual rocket landing is still the coolest part to watch

Well, he went to space but turned the public against him awfully fast.

I’d have been more impressed if he offered a mentorship program or took that billion dollars and paid off some poor families mortgages. He’s tone deaf and out of touch. This is a PR disaster not for Amazon, but for him.

Quiet commie

Yeah, definitely better to help some low-productivity humans limp along a little better than to push the boundaries of technology and industry.


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Let’s see… We’ve been paying for poor people’s food, housing, you name it for years. Providing endless support to Africa with food, water, medicine for years. Have any of these things worked? No.

It’s his money let him do whatever the fuck he wants with it. Donating to dinner lost cause so jamichael can get him a new pair of Jordans is not helping anyone.

I’m not saying govt handouts, or handouts in general funny work. But a large majority of the time it’s wasted money on people who don’t want to work and don’t value money bc they have been given every handout in the book.

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