4 movement warm-up for BJJ

There are too many boring warm-ups in this world. How many people do you see walking blindly on a treadmill or stepping away on an elliptical trainer expecting a good warm-up before their training session?

I like interesting and engaging warm-ups that work the entire body and work on multiple attributes such as mobility, raising the heart-rate, dynamic and static flexibility etc….

The workout below consist of 4 different levels. The 4th level is the most complex and BJJ specific but you can use these before any training session in the weight room or on the mat. This might get you some strange looks inside a commercial training facility though so watch out.

Agree completely. I use a ginastica natural type warm up. I believe it gives you a great warm up before bjj, while using similar movements as you would training. Phone Post


I use a few of those already, and agree they're a great way to get going for some BJJ/Grappling. Half hour warm-ups with hundreds of press-ups and sit-ups don't figure in a part of my technique classes.



Great stuff.

I'll be checking back on this thread and using the excercises for my judo.

Thanks a lot dude ;-)

 Thanks guys. I'm glad you find these useful. Might do some filming this week, any requests?

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