4 Non Blondes

Its been awhile since i heard them, but a friend was playing some of it over the weekend, they have some decent tunes

I love What's up, brings back some good drinking memorys from when i was younger

Bought the cd on impulse when it first came out. I was suprised that it was pretty solid.

Linda Perry, the lead singer, still is involved in the music business, albeit more from the sidelines. I think she's on Pink's management team, and co-wrote "Beautiful" for Christina Agulera (a great song).

I can't believe "What's Up" was part of MTV's Lame 25.


"Seperate Ways" by Journey should also be taken off that list. It changed teh music business forever with its use of "air keyboard".

"Separate Ways" is a cool song, but the video is pure cheese (although I didn't think it looked stupid when it first came out). Journey is not a video-friendly band.