4 pics of my wife in same pose on our date today

I haven't posted any pics from up the mountain in a couple years, but took my first trip up this in nearly 2 years with my wife today, a spontaneous little date with some food and a couple beverages. Kind of a nice spot to get to whenever the inclination is there. It's 14 km;s from my front door to this little landing with a view. It takes about an hour going up, and maybe 40 minutes coming down.



Mother Nature, you are one sexy bitch!


......and one pic from another favorite stop on our way back down the mountain.....



Beeeaaaauuutiful British Columbia!


Nice! Enjoy those two weeks above freezing lol!!!!

Mayor relaxing on the job






flys bad?

Fuckin noice!

fuck i miss british columbia.

Awesome, man! 


Did you get laid?

It does look beautiful but likely very buggy.   And your ole lady seems like she has a nice rack.  Was this just a day trip?


She...  She's got her clothes on.

Clearly no know nothing about taking wife pictures and posting them on the internet, because that's not how it's done.

I love living 40 min from the forest in all directions. Tahoe is a short drive and I got to play at this private course up in the mountains last week. 


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Too many clothes.

Sweet ass view! And the mountains ain’t bad either. Love anti gravity chairs.