? 4 smartmonkey

Matt I seem to recall that you mentioned the names of
some people that teach self-defense that you agreed
with thier training protocol. The only name I remeber
is Kelly Mcann. Could you possibly give the names of
the others that you mentioned on that thread.

Thanks, Shane


The first two people on my list would be Paul Sharp and Luis Gutierrez. Both men are the real deal.

Luis of course created the ISR, (isrmatrix.org) which in my opinion, and the opinion of many other LE officers, trainers, and Instructors, is light Years ahead of anything else in terms of Law Enforcement, or pure self defense orientated training.

Paul Sharp has more real world experience with operations, assault defense, firearms, etc, then a large convention of combatives people would have combined.

The list you are speaking of is for a self defense article I wrote on awareness that is published at www.realfighting.com click past issues, and then issue #5 for the article.

-Matt Thornton

Paul & Luis?

I keep hearing those names. I'm going to have to meet those guys one of these days.


Thankyou Matt for your response to my question.


I just went to realfighting.com. It's the first time I've been there. In addition to Matt's great self-defense article, it has some other very cool stuff on there.