40-to-90 minutes one time or ALL DAY?

which is the better fitness model.....the 80s/90s 40-to-90minutes in the morning or evening gym-session or say 10minutes physical activity spread about each hour of the waking day?.

so as example one could do burpees, push-ups, pull-ups, dips, mountain-climbers, jumping jacks, jog-in-place, situps/crunches/planks/swim-legs/supermans....and so on, just something like that for first 5-to-10minutes every hour of day....

or the typical 40-to-90minutes morning or evening gym session.  

which do you believe to be BEST?

Do 40 minutes 

save the 90 minutes for fucking

Depends on your goals. 

clattymine - 

Depends on your goals. 

reasonable SMART looking TIMELESS TrimFit klassical gentleman standard......none of that contemporary vaniGAY "I can't eat that" RIPed misery or 80s MulletBod HuskyFat