40$ to watch commercials???

I'm sick of them advertising during a PPV. I payed 40$ to watch fights not 5 minute ad spots hypeing saw 3 and various other crap...

It's fine to do this shit during the Spike shows but on PPV it's just bullshit.


I'm with you on this one.

Same reason I don't like to pay to see a movie in the theatre and sit through 10 minutes of advertisements BEFORE the previews.

Paying to be a captive audience for thier commercials. Hmmmmm. No.

"I'm sick of them advertising during a PPV"

TIVO can fix that

it makes the sport look bush league

I don't watch boxing PPV's...but does boxing have commercials like the UFC does? Or the same frequency?

I tend to agree.

Hyping future shows is one thing, but commercials on a PPV event is
wrong. The reason it is apid event is to not have comercials. Like HBO,
Showtime, etc. They are pay channels. htey get their revenue from the
pay service and some product placement and branding, but not
outright commercials. Also, I think they could calm down a bit on the
promos for the event we are watching. I know Franklin and Silva are
fighting. I ahve seen the promos for a month now. I don't need to see
the same promo 4 times the night of the fight, expecially when there
were 2, one round fights that were dark. They could have easily
slipped in at least 5 minutes of highlights from teh dark fights.

Personally I wouls have loved to see Peligrino's fight over 3
commercials or the 10th promo spot.

Seems like there was plenty of time to show at least one more fight,
but $40 for 6 fights and 1 hour of hype and commercials is a bit much.

commercials on a PPV event is wrong.


I dont mind it. Its not pride where most of the country is enamored with the sport and your selling 20,000-80,000 tickets at the live gate. It gives me a chance to make food and take a shit.

PPV's for paying customers is just plain fucked up.It will be the end of them if they keep doing it.

"Bathroom breaks and snack breaks imo"


Damn good thread!!!!!!

$40 Bucks and there should be NO ads of any kind!!!!!

agree with slieone..

PPV pay to view... without commercial interruptions, its not cool to have that shit on PPV

I would not mind sitting through bullshit if they showed all the fights. I
would love to watch Kalib Starnes fight and not hear Goldie talk about
picking a fight with Kenflo in a bar 2-3 times, and the stupid saw
previews. Drop the BS ad show all fights for $40.

they could have used that time to show highlights of the okami fight

The Shamrock retirement that they already covered on Spike was a bigger waste than the one Saw commercial they showed. Do they honestly think anyone shelled out $40 for PPV but skipped the free show and wanted a recap? Also they keep hyping the fights we already paid to watch. Who pays $40 but doesn't know the main event on the card?

Like someone else said though, if the one movie commercial per PPV means they'll sign more fighters it's worth it but hopefully is doesn't get any worse.

People are writing that commercials allow for more PPV's? Here I was thinking that they made money on the PPVs, so having more of them = more profit.


fighters cant thank sponsors, so Dana shouldnt add comercials.

I would rather see some promos on OTHER fighters, just assume we all saw the main fight promos, that is why we bought the card.....