Live-Ins Available
$400 CDN a month
Evolution Mixed Martial Arts Academy
Canada's Premier MMA facility
Vernon, BC, Canada
1-888-5FIGHTS, evolutionmma@shaw.ca

Evolution MMA would like to extend an invitation to Canadians and Americans who are interested in taking the step to the next level. Evolution is nestled in The Okanagan Valley of British Columbia and boasts awesome training weather year round with minimal snow and a quiet small community as well. Evolution is a 40 minute flight from Seattle Washington, and a 6 hour drive from Calgary Alberta or 4 hours from Vancouver BC. Monthly fighter live-ins are $400 Canadian and has you living in the academy and also gives you full access 24/7. Evolution includes: private live-in fighters area (bedrooms), huge caged matt space (brand new 2" wrestling matts), 20X20 sanctioned boxing ring, full cardio and free weights area, hot tubs, saunas, all linens/towels to fighters, huge 10X10 TV screen in lobby for fight nights, every piece of fight gear needed, fighters only laundry room, cable in bedrooms, internet access and numerous part time job opportunities in the community. Full training staff, Muay Thai, boxing, Jiu-Jitsu and freestyle fighting.
Evolution is obviously still in the building stages and new in the industry but we believe we've built a solid foundation. This is a brand new massive venture, everything is brand new, from the ground up. Please feel free to inquire no matter what your experience or skill level, we encourage complete beginners to give us a call-join the family.

Barb Dickens/Owner

Wow - that's a GREAT deal.


I just want to stay there. $400 for all that is a sweet deal. No training, just want to live there.


Web Page???

The website isn't quite finished yet, but it does have some pictures on it, if anyone would like more info or some more pics, feel free to get ahold of me.


Trust me when I tell you this place ROCKS. Stupid me, I didn't take any pics while I was out there for the NA Abu Dhabi Trials, but man, check out the website to see what I'm talking about.

I stayed there for 3 nights and loved every minute of it. If you get the oppurtunity to get out there, DO IT.


This is exactly what we need here in Ontario!!!!!
We've already got some of the best fighters in Canada,
lets give them somewhere top shelf to train.

Sounds awesome.

For Ontario to get something like this we need to get mma going in Ontario.

TTT!!! Thanks everyone for all of your support on this.



why is it Canada's premier gym?

The gym is fully equipped for any combative sport. We have a 20x20 ring, a 20x40 matted area for grappling (it is caged), weight room, bags, eliptical machines, tread mills, hot tubs, sauna, and a live in facility. We have all professional fighters teaching all classes and oppurtunities for fighting in many different fighting arenas. We have many different Professional fighters coming to do seminars (most recently Chris Brennan), and many avenues to develop as a fighter. We consider ourselves to be the premier facility because we are the only gym that is this fully equipped with as many options and possibilties that we have. This is what we are basing this off of and of course it is our opinion and hopefully the opinion of those who have been here and trained.

it is a fucking sweet setup