42-50 KOTC fight for $10

this might be old, but i could have sworn that the
KOTC DVD collections were $20 (still $5 per disc!)

decided to pick one up this weekend and they were $10!
($2.50 per disc)- pretty good deal-

btw, which is the better set, 1-4 or 5-8?

oh, they are at Suncoast-

the $20 is for 10 discs. you can order em from www.kingofthecage.com or www.sherdog.com or Best Buy.

I got the 10 program set for 11.98 free shipping.

I picked up the 1-4 dvd pack at Suncoast this weekend for ten bucks. It is two discs with one event on each side. I was hoping for 4 discs but no biggie.