42+ year old active fighters still ranked in the top 25 in the world


Fedor 45
Kongo 47
Oleynik 45
Romero 45
Teixeira 42
Machida 44

honorable mention: Lenne Hardt is 59 and she is still the greatest voice in the game.


I have a feeling Romero is going to be fucking people up for a while still.


There is no way Fedor is top 25. His chin is gone.

War old boars!

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Randy and Rickson should fight for the king of the 60s


Not a dickhead comment: i dont know if I could rattle off 25 active heavyweights. I mean if I sat down with paper and pen i probably could, but im not shocked that fedor is ranked top 25.


That’s an impressive list and 42 today is not what it was 20 years ago.

I also think that certain fighters particularly grapplers like Yoel have an advantage and can go longer than the others since he spent so much time wrestling and not in a striking sport compared to the others who have been getting their chin struck for around an entire decade longer in MMA. The chin can only take so much and his and those like him almost get theirs preserved by comparison by not being in a sport where it was getting cracked if that makes sense.


Yoel might be like 73


Those are the fightmatrix rankings based on the strength of wins and loses. Look at their top 50, top 100, they are really the best rankings out there even if they are not perfect. 500+ fighters are ranked on the strength of wins and loses. I have no idea how old wins or loses are measured vs recent fights.

That being say, did you not see what Fedor did to Tim Johnson? Johnson left the UFC HW division with a 3-2 record and a win over the current #11 in the UFC. He had recently KOed Bellator’s #1 prospect Fortune before Fedor beat him. He was ranked in the top 20 or top 30 globally.

Just because Fedor’s chin is gone and he is 45, he is still dangerous.


I know Fedor wants the Bader rematch for his retirement fight but I think Fedor vs Romero could be fun.


That would be an amazing fight.

Also the fact that Fedor is still ranked so high is yet another feather in his cap as the undisputed heavyweight goat.

No one even comes close to his resume and I don’t see anyone active right now who could.


Yep never know about those Cubans.

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Seriously 20 yrs in the top 25 who the fuck has done that?


Half that time was spent at #1.
15-3 vs UFC champs and title challengers.
5-1 vs wrestling and judo Olympians
3-0 vs K1 GP champs
2-1 vs ADCC champs
4-0 vs NCAA D1 and D2 champs
1-0 vs world sambo championships medalists


Yeah pretty much. Not many heavyweights I would consider to be “top guys”.

I just did it and stalled at 16, off the top of my head:

Ngannou, tai, gane, fedor, JDS, aspinall, blaydes, stipe, black beast, volkov, daukaus, kongo, bader, brandon vera, ben rothwell, arlovski

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He fucks someone up every 2 to 4 years. The rest of the fights he just stares at his opponent and does nothing.


Yeah pretty much.

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That was when he was being matched with equal opponents. I think he knocks cans out in Bellator for another 5 years.

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Goat. Idgaf what anyone thinks it will not change my mind.