42 yrs old - test is 360 - prescribed Androgel

Was told 'normal' levels are 345-1100. Obviously, I'm barely holding on to what's considered normal.

Can anyone share their experiences? Phone Post

I guess after 60 views, it looks like a lot of people are also curious. Phone Post

Have you tried natural ways of boosting your test first (diet, exercise)? Seems like TRT is becoming an epedemic (no offense).

If you are gonna TRT, insist on injections.

There are clinics everywhere nowadays.

If your MD won't give you the shots, find a place that will.

Androgel isn't worth it from what I have gathered.

Frog, totally fair question. And I agree 100%.

Yes. I'm very active. And eat a pretty healthy diet. Phone Post

Before going on it, reduce stress levels since your are exercising and eating healthy already. Plus do not fap and watch porn. If doing that doesn't work still, skip the gel and go to injections.

Good luck retiring your balls. I know a lot of OGers are into TRT, i just cant imagine becoming dependent of a hormone for the rest of my life.

DoomFarmer - If you are gonna TRT, insist on injections.

There are clinics everywhere nowadays.

If your MD won't give you the shots, find a place that will.

Androgel isn't worth it from what I have gathered.
This. Phone Post 3.0

Most docs won't prescribe unless, less than 300. Once your on it, your on it forever. Get 2nd opinion.

Haven't filled the prescription. Don't necessarily want to do it, but it seems people are on opposite ends of the argument.

Some say TRT is amazing, some say its a bad choice.

Does anyone have any personal experience? Phone Post

they must use a different scale to measure here in canada...my t levels are around low 100's ...and that is normal range says my doc..but it must be different....can anyone give me some info on this?...

you are pretty low.  A 42 yr old I work out with got tested last week and is 650.  all natural.  that's pretty damn good.  Under 400 and over 40 I say go for it. 


I don't know anyone over 40 who is not a pro athlete that has had a bad experience if they take as perscribed. don't abuse it and it will change your life mentally and physically.

Does anyone ever get told by the doctor that their levels are perfectly acceptable? I can't imagine the kick backs from locking people into a lifetime of $200/month trt therapies. Phone Post 3.0

I'm also 42. I asked my doc about it and he sent me down to get some bloodwork, which I haven't done yet. What worries me is the eternal dependency once you start. What if my insurance will pay for it now but change their policy and tell me to get fucked five years down the road? Phone Post 3.0

I'm curious, what are the negative effects of having low T? I'm the kind of person that avoids taking painkillers, etc.

I don't mind the expense, just want to make sure I know what I'm getting into. It seems that even Drs can be split on this.

I don't want a Dr to put me on it if I don't need it, because he just writes out prescriptions like its nothing. But I also don't want some Dr who is 'old school' and not progressive in his thinking who will tell me that I'm fine and don't need it, when it could be something that according to many is life changing. Phone Post

I guess I have to go see an endocrinologist. Phone Post

Just had my level tested... At 44 YOA, I'm at 678. The " normal" range on the paperwork I received 348 to 1197. Looks like another ten yrs or so before I start looking at TRT Phone Post 3.0

You're lucky. Most won't give if one point over 340-345. And that's at age 50

Measurements in Conventional Units (ng/dl), SHBG in (nmol/L)

Age # Subjects Total
SHBG Stand.
25-34 45 617 170 12.3 2.8 35.5 8.8
*35-44 22 668 212 10.3 1.2 40.1 7.9
45-54 23 606 213 9.1 2.2 44.6 8.2
55-64 43 562 195 8.3 2.1 45.5 8.8
65-74 47 524 197 6.9 2.3 48.7 14.2
75-84 48 471 169 6.0 2.3 51.0 22.7
85-100 21 376 134 5.4 2.3 65.9 22.8


So, man you are way low for 42. 456 vs 360. Most docs won't prescribe under age 50. Be sure and get a PSA and have a pit. test to be sure it's not a benign pit tumor.


the gel sucks.
get injections