45-0 Germain de Randamie fighting Strikeforce 29th

45-0 Kickboxer Germain de Randamie vs Stephanie Webber will be on the Strikeforce January 29th undercard according to http://twitter.com/MMASupremacy

Looks like the Nathan Coy vs Nate Moore fight was also moved to the 29th which was going to be on this weeks Challengers card

Germain de Randamie fights at 135 lbs

 what the f is going on with the hw gp?

That's cool!! I know right now female MMA is not as hot as male based MMA bouts. But in the future it will be!! Women are 50% of the friggin population!! And they spend money like I drink water!!


There can never be to many attractive and SKILLED female fighters.

fun fact of the day (I think)

Gina Carano's only loss in Kickboxing was to Julia Budd, Budd's only loss was to Germain de Randamie

Awesome but without a solid sprawl...?

Yes! Finally she is getting her time to shine. Mark my words, Cyborg will lose against Germaine when the time comes. Phone Post

Very exciting fighter!

Another female Muay Thai Champion who is crossing over to MMA that I'd like to see have a shot at Bellator or Strikeforce is Claire Haigh

Germaine will be the first to tell you her ground game needs work.. However, I guarantee you, there isn't a woman in the sport who can stand with her.

Cesar Gracie said she's the female Anderson Silva Phone Post


MissRARA - Cesar Gracie said she's the female Anderson Silva Phone Post

I'd rather get HIT by Anderson Silva, and that tells you something.