45,000 confirmed deaths from "vaccine" in three days

I think they are saying that since vaccinations began, 45K people have died within 3 days of receiving their shots. Not that 45K died from the shots over a specific 3 day period. And that this figure was covered up and not published anywhere.

Still sounds crazy. VAERS “only” has around 9-10K reported deaths from the vaccines.

Will need proof on this for sure (if true) but it very likely is fake news.

This is the same kind of nonsense the left used with the whole Russia collusion BS. Just because some guy on the internet says it, doesn’t make it true. Let’s try being better than those we condemn for stupid shit like this


Good idea. You guys can start at any time, not sure what you’ve all been waiting for.

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You can sue for anything and “going to be filed” is a LONG LONG away from “filed”. A lawsuit largely means nothing. I could sue you right now as long as I prepared the paperwork and paid for the fee at the court. I don’t even need a reason.

The whole OP post is just nuts. 45,000 dead sine sort of lawsuit. But some believe anything they read and will post it if it meets their narrative

Twitter bans Qaren Marg “Eagle Feet” Greene for posting misinformation on Covid vaccine. If the OG ever took its responsibility seriously it would ban trolls like OP.

It’s all fun and games posting memes about Hunter Biden or Donald Jr, but misinformation has a death count.

OG, step it up or continue to be part of the problem.

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What if someone makes a post that says the election was rigged and anther makes a post that it was not. Which one should get banned/axed/gonzoed?

Twitter isn’t the end all be all. What Twitter considers “misinformation” means nothing in the large scheme. Facebook has done something similar and has banned people from posting information directly from the CDC and WHO.

Sorry, we aren’t going to start banning what you consider a “troll” just to please you. If you don’t like what OP has to say than put him on ignore like a big boy. The OP’s “troll” hasn’t cost a single life and for you to stroll over the graves that have died, trying to prop them up as examples is “Trollish” as well

i have heard that only a fraction of cases are reported to Vaers, i believe thts true


They can’t even put a single name to any of these 45. One person disappears, and there’s a massive manhunt, 45 thousand, and it’s pitch quiet. If they put the names of some of these people, it would be somewhat believable.

A stretch huh? What happened to “facts are facts”

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Stretchy facts, idiot.

I don’t think names will tell us anything. I haven’t looked into it much but about half of the people in the U.S. have been vaccinated. Thats roughly 160 million people. The CDC website lists the number of people in the US dying from natural causes is 2.8 million per year. If we apply that 50 percent number to the people vaccinated, then we can expect 1.4 million of those vaccinated to die of natural causes this year. So we have no idea how many of the 45,000 people (if true) died from natural causes in the 7 months since the vaccine has been distributed.

If an 80 year old dies from a stroke or heart attack a month after getting the vaccine it certainly doesn’t mean it was from the vaccine.

Alternative facts huh. I think the general consensus of this thread is that you’re the idiot

The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.

Joseph Stalin