49ers clip Eagles wings

I know the 49ers are out of the playoff's...But im sure glad they broke out of that road loosing steak funk....

Plz, bludog your rams are no gimmy for the NFC.


Please explain why the Eagles have won more games the last four years than any other team in the NFL, and have managed to put up significant offensive numbers in doing so.

Is it their all pro wide receivers or dominant running backs?

"mcnabb is a puppet put up by the nfl. he sucks and is overated. now all the rams have to do is wait to see who comes out of the afc "


Thanks, Detroit.

I guess the Rams were too busy waiting for the AFC bracket to be finalized. Losing to the Lions, ouch. Can't wait to watch them in Philly.

That would be A-ok with me too, lol :)

With my Vikings out, it's time to pull for the NFC North. Besides, how can you NOT enjoy watching Favre play??


As an Eagles fan, the team that scares me the most in the NFC is the Packers.

Ugh. That means I have to cheer for the C*wboys next week. Fuck.

LOL @ asterisking the C*wboys like you're censoring a swear word!!

As an Eagles fan, Dallas scares me the most. I can see them beating the Eagles in the 2nd Round. Parcells is a great coach.

I dont see the Rams gettting past thier first game.

The Eagles are really beat up bad, any superbowl appereance will be a gut check for sure.

I hear the Eagles might loose westbrook for the playoff's...That would be devastating

"I dont see the Rams gettting past thier first game."

Damm I said this on Dec 29th...lmao