4chan is trolling War Machine and hes MAD

apparently theres a thread on 4chan and theyre basically raiding War Machine and Christy Mack's twitter and he is going on a blocking frenzy

They are trashing him and sending him pics of Christy Mack banging other guys.

War Machine ?@WarMachine170 40m

How man new accounts will a person make, back to back, to continue to harass me about my GF? So far they're at 5 this morning. Wow...

War Machine ?@WarMachine170 36m

This morning,which began so well, has quickly turned to SHIT! Wish a motherfucker would say something to my face for ONCE; see what happens.

some of the troll comments :

"@ChristyMack Is it true that War Machine is holding his next fight in your asshole?"

"@WarMachine170 Poor baby. Just let your very non masculine girlfriend go to the river and bring back water in her massive asshole."

"@WarMachine170 Does her asshole even have any elasticity anymore? More like a 30 year old belt on an old Chevette in Jeff Foxworthy's yard."

some screencaps (blue namer please)





tyrone skittles ?@TyroneSkittles 2m

@WarMachine170 what would happen if someone says "something" to your face? would you go to prison for a year again?

Lol!!! Grade A trolling!

he mad Phone Post

Rustled!! Phone Post

Vlad ?@ThaGuyOv3rTh3r3 5m

@WarMachine170 Why does it matter if someone says it to your face or not, truth still stands, you're dating anything short of a prostitute

Here is a link to a realtime feed for everyone sending him messages


and a real time feed of people sending christy mack messages


Rod Johnson ?@RodJohn07994612 19s

@WarMachine170 Can you really not come to terms that your girlfriend takes cum facials for money? Have fun licking all the semen off.
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Whore machine ?@whoremachine170 30s

@WarMachine170 Does it bother you when your girlfriend brings her work home?
Erik Hansen ?@Vanguard7991 1m

@WarMachine170 How does it feel knowing your gf gets pounded by other guys
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anon ?@AirborneMuffins 2m

@warmachine170 Its just that your GF is a massive whore, do you like to think about all the loads she's had on her face when you kiss her?

Here we go

Whore machine ?@whoremachine170 59s

@WarMachine170 How does your girlfriend respond when you ask her, how was work?

lol @whoremachine170

Is War thinking in changing his name once again?

further proves that most 4chan'ers are young kids or repressed older virgins.

Factual posts are factual though.

I admit the premise of these trolls isnt too original but to their credit there's some good ones. Youd think that at some point Mr. Machine would stop creating new accounts for a bit. Just let it pile up until they get tired.

@WarMachine170 is it true u were passed around like a punk in prison? word on the streets is u like cock more than christy mack

@TyroneSkittles 4m

@WarMachine170 look, im war machine. mom liek drugs and dad lieks death. top alpha male pic.twitter.com/9sQ2qUHoc5

@hellofaggot69 6m

@WarMachine170 Hey you little faggot, im gonna kick your ass you little pussy and fuck your whore gf

Reminds me of this interchange between War Machine and a fake Bret Rodgers, from here: http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/news/200979/Brett-Rogers-and-War-Machine-getting-Into-It


Rogers: how did @warmachinexxx get to be a porn star with that tiny little babby dick

War Machine: @thegrimrogers How'd u get into fighting cuz u suck...just a big ole guy that swings hard...Heavyweights are so talented..lol

Rogers: @WarMachineXXX motherfucker has to pay bitches to get on him...i would tell him to go jump off a bridge but he'd probably mess that up too

War Machine: WHy is @thegrimrogers big DUMb black ass talking shit to me? He SUCKS....just hits hard like anyone else who weighs 260 plus

Rogers: @WarMachineXXX ill be in LA in a few months maybe we can hook up and you can suck on black dynamite(thats my dick)

War Machine: @thegrimrogers If you were my weight or I was yours I'd smash you...you are garbage dude..u got a lucky break.

Rogers: @WarMachineXXX nigga plz pretty soon you'll have to do a 2 guy scene and your dicks will touch and you will love it

War Machine: @thegrimrogers Motherfucker I get paid to fuck. And before this I got more pussy than ur ugly ass ever seen. Stop writing me ur lame as shit

Holy shit, WM is going to implode. Cold shit.

some blue namers embed these





oh shitt now theyre talking to him about his dead father and how he failed at CPR and how his mom was a drug addict

this is gonna get bad really quick

Whoa! Phone Post 3.0

imleqion ?@imleqion 7m

@WarMachine170 I know you couldn't save your dad with CPR while your mom was taking crack, but stop being a massive fucking faggot please

^ thats bad

war machine just responded to it with "wow"

War Machine ?@WarMachine170 5m


This is hilarious. Phone Post