4chan is trolling War Machine and hes MAD

Fuck, some of those comments are brutal... I know the guy doesn't do himself any favors a lot of the time, but damn.

thorsmitersaw - some blue namers embed these





Phone Post

thorsmitersaw - oh shitt now theyre talking to him about his dead father and how he failed at CPR and how his mom was a drug addict

this is gonna get bad really quick

That's messed up... why are they trolling him? Boredom? Phone Post

a new tweet from war machine:

War Machine ?@WarMachine170 19s

No joke, it may be up to 100 fake accounts made today for the sole purpose of talking shit to me...99% about my GF, 1% my dead Dad...wtf?

Dad jokes went too far, keep it to taking loads upon face Phone Post 3.0

oh man:

?@kobil619 2m

@WarMachine170 Maybe if you hit your fathers chest as hard as you hit the gym he wouldnt be dead now you massive faggot.

Brabo Ben - Dad jokes went too far, keep it to taking loads upon face Phone Post 3.0

Yep. Phone Post

people are fucked. Phone Post

This will lead to him believing he is more popular and requesting bigger Sponsorship money...

In for the mess that ensues. I feel bad for War Machine, though.

White Knight ? 6m
@WarMachine170 those people sending u messages are from a site called 4chan. they organize raids on people and try to get under their skin.

White Knight ? 3m
@WarMachine170 theyre just trolls from a site called 4chan. they do this to everyone. someone organized a twitter raid against u

War Machine ?@WarMachine170 1m
@WhiteKn5f how do I find them?

lol at that

not good...

hahahah @ whiteknight

Well my afternoon just got a bit more entertaining. Dad jokes went too far but the cum dumpster ones have me rollin.

What a piece of shit, I'm talking about the guy trolling War Machine.  Say what you want about him or his gf but you have to be a fucking loser to devote your time to trolling like that.  And the Dad shit?  Fucked up.

How about get a life and stop worrying about what War Machine and his gf are doing. 

Sub curious how shitty these trolls will be Phone Post 3.0

thorsmitersaw - imleqion ?@imleqion 7m

@WarMachine170 I know you couldn't save your dad with CPR while your mom was taking crack, but stop being a massive fucking faggot please

^ thats bad

war machine just responded to it with "wow"

War Machine ?@WarMachine170 5m

Low blow. Fuck that dude Phone Post 3.0

LOL he just tweeted the link to the raid and said he found the culprits

I don't get it, why all the hate? Phone Post 3.0