4k Movie Websites Streaming

I know of a few free movie sites but nothing in 4k.

Have the LG 65" OLED and would love to watch 4k movies on it.

Anyone know of any free websites for 4k movies?

Not positive but soap2day might have 4k

Most of Netflix movies are in 4K. Some Hulu and Amazon Prime.

I’m using a flagship Samsung 85" 4K tv and honestly there is very little difference between 4K and upscaled HD. Even on my 120" projector screen, 4K doesn’t blow my socks off. Black levels are ten times more important IMO.

Black Levels Matter?


absolutely lol. I’ve always been a contrast ratio junkie. I’ll take HD with high contrast over 8K with poor black levels.

Just a play on “blm”.

I’m holding onto a plasma most because the black levels are superior to LED and can’t justify the cost of the OLED (yet).

i know lol.

But in case you haven’t checked this year, OLED prices have dropped significantly. I paid much more for my QLED than what you would pay for a 77" OLED now.

I did go and check out Sony’s new super OLED, the A90J. But honestly I couldn’t see any difference in it and last years A9G. I have too much light in my living room and an OLED is not an option. I do have to say though that the new Samsung Q90A I bought gets very close to OLED.

I know I can get a well-reveiwed 55" LG for around $1500 or so, last I checked.

My big thing is, I pirate nearly all my content. And as anyone who does this knows, quality is very spotty. So I’m butting up against the reality that the majority of my content wouldn’t see any real benefit from an OLED TV, and I might as well get a significantly cheaper LED at this point in time, should my plasma fail.

That could change in the future, but for now my plasma is going strong. Knock wood.

You using the old Pioneer Kuro? That’s still considered the best one and would give oled a run for its money.

I agree Netflix 4k is not great, HBO max 4k looks like shit.

YouTube by far has the best 4k out there, only service that actually looks 4k. Once YouTubeTV has 4k content that’ll be perfect.

Panasonic Viera.

Not as highly regarded as the old pioneers, but my reading shows it’s still considered a high bar, even today, for image quality.

I didn’t mean to imply negativity about Netflix. Actually, their streaming 4K HDR is quite good. I’ve played an actual 4K disk and compared it to their streaming version and it’s almost indistinguishable.

The reason 4K on youtube looks so much better is because the demos are all slowly moving scenes with intricate detail. A lot of detail is lost in motion blur when watching movies.

The best 4K demos on youtube I’ve seen are on katie and jacob swartz channel.

You’re most likely not going to find better than Youtube, Netflix, HBO and the bigger names. 4k movies are huge and eat up a ton of bandwidth. Most I would assume can’t afford the bill it would take to house hundreds(maybe thousands if your a bigger site) of terabytes, as well as offer to stream them. You’re talking a completely different realm of streaming. The bluray copy of Basic Instinct is 90GB’s alone, in 4k. 1080p is a fraction of that.

Youtube and Netflix most likely deal in “Petabytes” which is a 1000 terabytes. They’re so far ahead of what the rest of the world is at. Most large businesses probably don’t even use a few terabytes if at all. I personally have 15 terabytes, which is absolutely insane for home use. I have also been “collecting” for like 14 years.

Go buy a 4k firestick and sideload Cinema HD and buy a sub to Real Debrid. All high-quality 1080P and 4k streams. Essentially every movie you can think of is on there. I did this about 6 months ago and am never turning back.
Bought a H9G Hisense TV and the picture quality of everything is phenomenal when watching on Cinema App