#4Semmy Schilt vs Gan Mgee

Netx fight:Semmy Schilt vs Gan Mgee.

Having McGee in this tournament is almost as much of a disgrace as Giant Silva.

Semmy by KO.

"McGee by career saving KO"

You must be joking. If this fight stays standing, Mcgee is going to get KTFO.

Semmy Schilt vs Gan Mgee

Mgee is on the ring. Schilt is on his way...

please god let these fights go quick





From the pre-fight pics, looks like Semmy has put on serious weight from a couple of years ago.

anyone got a screen of the Kondo wandy stare down?

sorry, shootfighter beat me to it;)




arm bar from bottom?

that last last pic (Gan mounting Schilt) is why MMA will never get popular in the states.

that was quick. Man I thought it would go down standing.

Semmy schilt vs Gam Mgee

The fight satrted with Schilt landind a nice jab and mgee imediatelly getting the take down.Easily Mgee got the mount position where he started to throw some punches on Schilts face. Schilt knew how to deal with this situation and even thrwoa good punch which made Mgee bleed from his noes. Aftre a kimura attepet Schilt was able to put Mgge on his guard and started his way to teh victory. He pushed Mgee away with his leg and after this got the side position and submited Mgee with an arm-bar.

So Gan had full mount and lost from there??