4th friggin kernel I have compiled

this son of a bitch better work.

I've been trying to get my Gentoo Linux system going as a desktop with grsecurity and hardened gcc patches applied...

Portage is surprisingly decent... it makes Linux a lot more like the BSD's and gives me a lot less crap than RPM Hell or even debs. It's still got a way to go though...

Are you just now trying out Gentoo or have you been using it for a little while?

I've just started with it this week.

I'm trying to migrate from Windows+Cygwin to Linux for my desktop machine....

Gentoo has the BSD-style portage while having the improved support of Linux when compared to the BSD's.... which is why I picked it.

plus, you can only run VMWare on a a Windows or Linux system, not FreeBSD... although you can run about anything inside it.

You don't have to go through RPM dependency hell anymore (or deb hell either). You can use Yum, which is a lot like apt-get.

Sounds like my days in configuration management.

It worked!

I even got XFree86 working by disabling power managment....

I almost always disable power management.

ACPI is also good to disable on every OS except for 2000 and XP.

I disabled it on my OpenBSD install, but I figured Linux would be less picky and have better support... oh well.