4x week workout 2 x Weights 2xBWE

Anyone have a good workout based on 2 x week weights

2 x week bodyweight exercises (Scrapper mod 1)

in addition I am running 3 x a week (Intervals and distance)

BJJ 4 x a week.

Specifically regarding the weight routine and specific exercises.


AZChokester, what are your goals / what specifically are you looking to accomplish (size, strength, endurance, etc.)?

Not concerned with size. Strength/endurance and overall fitness. I want to peak my overall conditioning for the BJJ Pan AMs 1st week of April.

I am in good condition now.

Good luck for the Pan AMs.

Train hard and fight hard.


Any good ideas?? Specifically for the weights??

For a two-day split, I'd probably go with something like this:

Day 1: Squats, Reverse Hypers (if you're so lucky as to have access to a proper bench) or SLDL's, Flat Bench, Military Press

Day 2: Deads, Incline Bench, Bent-Over Rows, maybe some dips to finish things off.

The suggestion above for a two day split is good. You are doing a lot of workouts, 9 per week, so adding two more may casue some overtraining issues. This will be espsecially true if your weight workouts are high intensiy or high volume. One day a week may give you better results. DL, bench variant, row variant, shoulder press. As you approach the PanAms, I would suggest a focused workout. DLx15, benchx10, rowx10. Do each without rest in between. Rest five minutes and repeat. Rest five minutes and repeat again. This will hit all major muscles invloved in grapplig, except neck, and condition you for fighting. This is a difficult program and I would recommend dropping something else (distance running?)to prevent overtraining. Good luck. Train as you fight. D-Rex