5/27- Aventinus Weizen Eisbock

Ah german engineering at it's best.

My first sip of this potent brew elicited a cough and a "Holy moley!" that got my roomate laughing. Pours a ruddy brown with a thin head. Aroma is of plums, grapes, alcohol, sugar, some malt, and alcohol. Flavor is nigh on blinding- sickly sweet and very alcoholic. Warms like whiskey! I don't think a stronger version of Aventinus is necessary, but here it is. Definately an experience, and I can appreciate the complexity and the heritage, but I wouldn't want to drink it more than once every few months. I'll be cellaring the scond bottle.

Curiosity almost got the best of me on my last beer run but, while the Eisbock was in my hand, I remembered some unfavorable reviews I'd read, so I put it back.

Instead, curiosity ended up having me buying a Traquair Jacobite Ale and a Duchesse de Bourgogne. I've never had a Flemish Sour Ale; was it a better choice?

I really enjoyed the Duchess, but I have not had the Jacobite. Flemish sour is definately an experience! The Eisbock is worth a shot tho, it really grew on me as it went on. It grew over the line toward the end, but it was good.