5 Rounds breaks down UFC on Fuel 9, and more

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                                5 Rounds breaks down UFC on Fuel 9, and more

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                    <p><strong>Five Rounds</strong>:&nbsp;The most comprehensive 30 minutes in all of combat sports, with Fight Network's John Ramdeen and Robin Black. This episide breaks down the biggest topics in mixed martial arts including analysis on UFC on Fuel 9, Chris Weidman on his upcoming title bout vs. Anderson Silva and a special feature with Anthony Pettis and Robin Black.</p>


I love Ramdeen but Black makes me facepalm every time....

He really needs to go back to glam rock. And I have never said that about anyone else in my life.

Robin black is needed though, the douche voice opposite to John Randeem. Phone Post 3.0

Who am I kidding, I love both those guys. Phone Post 3.0

Robin Black use to fight? Had no idea, look at that body!!!


has a decent record aswel: http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Robin-Black-35433