5 Stellar Movie/TV Show Recs

I felt like taking a respite from the usual polarizing fodder. That being MMA/BJJ and Conservative Political threads. I do love to troll the liberal apologist and the Wrestler.  I have to say I am incredibly geeked for the  T2 Trainspotting  US premiere. Inspired, I thought I would offer an esoteric and eclectic blend of stellar film/TV shows in no particular order.

The Conversation: 1974-This is probably Coppola’s most underrated work. Gene Hackman is an introverted, freelance surveillance expert.  This movie includes bit parts by Harrison Ford, Robert Duvall, Cindy Williams (of Laverne and Shirley) and Frederic Forest (Chef in Apocalpyse).  Forest is also know largely from his skinhead turn in Falling Down  The entire movie pivots on one phrase Hackman overhears while surveilling Williams and Forest.  It is all about its ambiguous interpretation and contingent on the emphasis of a particular segment of said sentence.  I cannot tell you much more about the film without ruining it. You do need to be a bit patient. Much like in 2001 Space Odyssey, once you get beyond the prehistoric man sequence, there is a great payoff. 8/10

The Parallax View : 1974-Perhaps you are like me and are skeptical not simply of the government’s veracity, but  conspiracy theorists as well. I like to consider myself a great deal more discerning than say Edgy Brah.  Nevertheless, who doesn’t love a good conspiracy yarn?  And it might be the best of its genre.  Furthemore, I am unable to detect the modern practice of weaving leftist propaganda within this film. The film stars Warren Beatty. Although it is loosely based on both Kennedy assassinations, it is a work of fiction.  This movie once again explores the lone wolf vs everybody paradigm.  Beatty is investigative reporter at a mickey mouse rag helmed by Hume Cronyn in Chael’s  neck of the woods.   After witnessing an assassination, he recognizes that the principals are all meeting with bizarre “accidents”. Upon further investigation he discovers a rogue corporation that is being contracted to execute these “accidents”.  His solution is to apply to the corporation.  I have said too much already.  It is fascinating, however, I can’t promise that your faith in the gov’ment will be restored.  9/10

The Moaning of Life: 2014-2015 If you don’t who Karl Pilkington is, you need to. He was discovered by Rick Gervais; originally he was Ricky’s radio producer. Subsequently he went on to have success with Idiot Abroad and the Netflix series, Derek.  This series is also Karl, the Manc (hester), traveling the world tackling life’s big issues with his northern perspective.  This series is free from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Therefore, Karl smiles a lot as he is electing to be in these scenarios, instead of being bullied by the atheist liberal duo. You must see for yourself, as there is no way to do a bloke this bizarre, unique or lovable any real justice with any description.  I assure you, you won’t be disappointed, unless you can not abide British humor. 9/10

Saxondale: 2006-2007 This is Steve Coogan at his very best. Like many liberal celeb, Coogan can be prone to quoting Noam Chomsky, infamous socialist author, which is very unfortunate. Once again the British humor disclaimer still applies. Coogan is Tommy Saxondale, a retired 1970s roadie, turned pest controller.  He attends anger management group therapy, is a chubby chaser, and is constantly wound up by his contractor, Vicky. Additionally he takes on a live in apprentice, Raymond. This series is about as funny as it gets.  9/10

The Business: 2005 This certainly has been done before.  The Cockneye gangster ex patriot  settling in sunny Spain. For another good cockneye affair, see Sexy Beast with Kingsley and Winstone.  However, Nick Love has it set in the 80s replete with all the trappings; the coke, the Duran Duran music, the Fila track suits, the Benetton and the gangster’s femme fatale girl. Not to mention the Cockneye charm of Tamer Hassan and Danny Dyer. I swear there are only like 25 British actors.  I can’t forget to mention Georgina Chapman who plays the moll, Madone! Unfortunately there is no accounting for taste. She is married with kids to liberal, half wit, ogre and tyrant, Harvey Weinstein.  True love, I‘m sure.  Nevertheless this movie is a very fun ride.  Enjoy! 8/10

P.S. I am not a Brit. Their politics sure are shite, but damn some of their movies and TV shows are outstanding. If you could only get them to go to a Dentist once every couple of years?