5 Stupidest Lottery Winners (video)



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What morons. That video pisses me off, lol. Phone Post 3.0

A couple were idiots, seems like that last dude was sued and robbed into Bolivian Phone Post 3.0

A multi-millionaire businessman couldn't handle winning the lottery? WTF

If you're an asshole before the lotto your going to be an asshole after the lotto too Phone Post 3.0

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I would never advertise that i had that kind of money.

I don't gamble save for rare occasion, and I would never go on a shopping spree.

I like to think I'd never get that stupid, but holy shit do people act like they have the ticket to the world when they have "fuck you money". Phone Post 3.0

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Easy fix for all the lottery winners who feel like a they have been shafted by winning millions: don't cash the checks Phone Post 3.0