5 Threads for ?????

No disrespect intended to anyone but do we really need 5 threads for the Montreal event?

In the past some others had many threads for events/tournies/seminars and they ended up combining all those threads and putting it all into 1 detailed thread.

Having one single thread is preferred by myself (maybe not others) and it doesn't clog up the Forum with info that is all inter-related for a single event.

Just my 2 cents.

Good luck with the event it seems to be shaping up real nice. I hope many attend and its a great event. I simply want all the details in one spot...

That would be fine with us and preferred as well. Sorry for any trouble we caused you.

No need to be sorry. No trouble was caused. Understandable that your informing the public/forum of news related items to the event.

Just having it all one thread is easier to read. And in the past others voiced concern over others having multiple threads about one event/seminar/tourney.

I hope the event is a huge success.

 I say make it 10 threads.

I'd rather read about the Montreal scene then the west coast tent carnival anyways.



ttt, thanks JHR, I felt all my threads were not completely related to a single tournament but a string of events and a brand, all deserving of a thread compared to some of the stuff shared on the forum.

Ever since MMA.tv started forcing me to read every thread posted by every member I have never left my basement.</sarcasm>

However, since this is a good news event, with good people running it, my vote is more threads the better. Looking forward to it!

Since one company can override a mod's rule then all are now allowed.

that company being somewhere in Western Canada.

 You would think they would get coleman's to sponsor them? They make fine camping equipment.

ttt for Dave (Aguzzi, not the other one)

Now I cant help myself from tttA all my threads....

wiley - Now I cant help myself from tttA all my threads....


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