5 worst UFC decisions I can remember

In no order.

  1. Forest Griffin v. Tito Ortiz 1

  2. Forest v. Quinton Jackson

3.o’Malley v. Yan

  1. Khabib v. Tibeau

  2. Dan Henderson v. Bisping.



Didn’t see yan vs omalley but here are my thoughts on the others.

  1. Rooted for forrest. I thought tito won.
  2. I thought Forrest won.
  3. I thought Khabib clearly won.
  4. Rooted for Henderson. Henderson did more damage, but in a round by round, 10 point system, i agreed with the decision.
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Your memory needs some work.


Hamill vs Bisping was way worse than anything else i can remember.

Shogun vs Machida 1
GSP vs Hendricks
Jones vs Gustaffson 1/Reyes/Santos


Diego Vs Pearson is the worst I can remember


GSP v. Hendricks

Diaz v. Condit

Yan v. O Malley

Yan v. Aljo

Machida v. Shogun 1


Diaz vs condit? Lol, ok retard

  1. O’Malley vs Yan
  2. Reyes vs Jones
  3. Oliveira vs Price
  4. McGregor vs Diaz II
  5. Ngannou vs Gane
  6. Askarov vs Kara France

Some that come to mind

Diaz won rounds 1 2 5


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GSP vs Hendricks is tops


I scored GSP that fight 3-2 rounds. Wrong again bro


Diego Sanchez vs Martin Kampmann

Only saw it once live when it happened but remember it bugged me.
Media looks like they mostly thought Diego lost and the damage was pretty extreme for a winning fighter by Decision. It’s been a while so I could be a little off but remember it stood out and doesn’t get brought up as much.


Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 10.27.21 AM


GSP vs Hendricks was so fucked up.
Henderson vs Bisping
Bas vs Randleman
Holly Holm vs that girl she just fought (joke)

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Hoger or Hager or some shit. He beat Nam phams ass

How about:

  1. Frank Mir over Dan Christison at UFC 61?

You new to the vegito game? That guy could jump into a pool of rocks and be the dumbest thing in the pool!

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this 1 was bad

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I definitely gave Penn the first Edgar fight. That bullshit really pissed me off at the time

  1. Pulver over BJ Penn for the first lightweight title.

I thought Jens won that fight. I did not think it was controversial at all. Jen’s did get saved by the bell when he got caught in the armbar.