5 yards in NFL or last a round with mike Tyson

Which would you rather try to do for $1 million?

  • 5 yard carry nfl
  • Last round with Tyson
  • Opt out

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Easiest question ever. There are no concussion prevention rules in boxing LOLOL

I’ll take getting a negative yardage carry and actually being able to tell the story afterwords please.


Hand me the ball coach

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Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!

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Never played NFL in my life and I would still choose that

1 carry with pads where I might get my knee twisted vs a real possibility of death. Easy choice

But what would Jake Paul do OP??

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He would KO mike Tyson. Not sure how good his football skills are but he’s a beast at everything so I’d assume he could do that too

Give me the best O Line in the league and I’ll run for my life for 5 yards for that money

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Lol… you’re pretty much fully protected in one, and you have no protection in the other. One last maybe half of a second and the other is three minutes.

Do I get to pick my offensive line? Can I just run around the ring?

Bengals o line

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It would be more interesting if you picked the run with the stipulation you got less than five yards you had to do both.

EDIT: Commit to five yards. If you get less, you get Tyson for a round with 10oz gloves and you don’t get headgear. If you take Tyson straight away, tyson gets 20oz gloves and you get headgear.

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What if your O-line was nothing but Jake Paul’s?


Tyson with 20oz is a no brainer in this because 95% chance I would get murked before 5 yards

Hey bro no one on this forum is making it 5 yards in the NFL. I’m a “decent” athlete and I’m not sniffing anything near 5 yards in an nfl game. I’m also 5’6” so I definitely don’t have a chance

Tyson, definitely.

It would be an honor.

I still got a
Better chance there than with Tyson lol

brave man, my friend