50/50 Day

Recently, I went through my "50/50 day".

This is the day where I have trained in Blauer Tactical for exactly as long as I had trained in traditional martial arts before. It's been roughly four and a half years each.

Four springs ago, I bought the two-part cover story in Karate and Kung Fu Illustrated (the one that everyone thinks the picture of Coach Blauer is Jean Claude Van Damme). I found Calen Paine's Training Centre. I met Mr. Blauer at a seminar just a week or two later. His revolutionary ideas irritated me, frustrated me, challenged me. It was annoying because it meant that what I'd been doing before... well, wasn't all that useful. Knowledge is not free. The cost of gaining knowledge is sacrificing your cherished wrong beliefs--emptying your cup.

Now, with the guidance of Coach Blauer and the PDR coaches, I have real confidence in my ability to protect myself in the street, and I have been able to share this confidence with my family and friends. Oh, and I'm not afraid to grapple anymore.

Thanks, Coach Blauer, thanks Calen, thanks Robb Finlayson, for your research, and for sharing it with all of us.

:-) Thanks for the thanks Jesse, its appreciated.



Thanks for the comments.

There are many in the martial arts world that deny thyemselves the most powerful motivator.....the REALIZATION.

All of us are extremely fortunate to be have been introduced to Mr. Blauer's research. It has saved my life and the lives of many!!!

Robb Finlayson, PDR Team