50/50Guard opinions

Yeah you will probably get your face smashed in MMA but the new 50/50 position has definately pushed BJJ to evolve and create so many variations and counters.

Now some of the best coaches and fighters are showing new variations of this position.
Any Canadians up to the challenge? Feel free to post them here.

Probably be a great way for you to advertise your school and for people to learn.

Renato Tavares Solucao pra guarda 50/50 - variacao raspando

The escape from the 50/50 guard - I

Escape from the 50/50 guard - II

50/50 Guard: escape Pt. 1 (by: Chico Mendes)

50/50 Guard: escape Pt. 2 (by: Chico Mendes)

Mendes brothers 50/50 guard 1
(These guys started this revolution...and Saulo ten years ago)

Mendes brothers 50/50 guard 2

Mendes brothers 50/50 guard 3

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Also, this is a position that screams for a heel hook. So it's weird that you go for it and don't heel hook.

but heel hook is illegal, so you better find your way out in another way.

"but heel hook is illegal, so you better find your way out in another way. "

thank you

The guy at the bottom going for sweeps has the heel hook (inverted) option is what I meant. One can argue that by playing for sweeps etc there instead of going for a finish is not really in the spirit of jiu-jitsu ... but it's all good, there's an insane game being developed around there ... just kind of bugs me that it's based around rules.

What is old is always new.


Tough topic but it's forcing the game to evolve which is a good thing.
I don't think this will be as revolutionary as the X-Guard a few years back.
It should be interesting what no-gi looks like at ADCC coming up.

The 50/50 guard has been used once in a while in competitions for a long time. It's one of those moves that was probably not taught but sometimes you ended up in. Now these two kids, the Mendes brothers, have been using it like crazy and pulling off some really unique variations from it. Cobrinha uses the position as well as Michael Langhi. Alot of people think that it is not good for the sport of Jiu-jitsu as it only ends in a stalling position. So many people are debating wether it should be banned as its known as a stalling position, while others have come up with ways to defeat the position. As posted above.


Very cool...something to discuss for later,


Will we get dq'd at the Bravado Open if we try it for reaping the leg? lol. It's a cool position but what I hate is when both guys are on their butts in the 50/50 position basically fighting for an advantage.